Consultancy on Regulations

Operating a drone is a complicated process, especially in the “specific” category; it is time-consuming and requires the necessary expertise. You need deep knowledge in the field of UAS to fulfil the requirements of the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority in the respective regulations.

Albadron possesses the necessary expertise in the sector of UAS and is ready to offer it to your company when needed.


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By article 11 of Regulation 143, UAS operators are classified in the “specific” category in order to get a flying permit, they should comply with all the following requirements listed in this article. 

Rules of evaluation for the operation risks

The review of the operational risk should :

  1. describe the characteristics of the operations of the drone;
  2. propose the appropriate objectives for the technical securities of the process;
  3. Identify the  ground and air, taking into account the following:
    1. identify the level of risk for third parties and property on the environment caused by the UAS operation;
    2. explain the complexity, performance and characteristics of the operation;
    3. clarify the goal of the operation, type of UAS, and the probability of crashing with other aeroplanes in the use of the  respective class of the airspace;


Albadron will offer you the necessary explanations and interpretations of this article and other related articles.

SORA (Specific Operation Risk Assessment) is a methodology elaborated by JARUS, a group of experts in the field of aviation and approved by EASA and many CAA. Also, regulation 143 of the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority clearly defines measures to eliminate and mitigate all maximum risks related to UAS operation.

All these measures and steps needed to comply with the requirements we will discuss together with your operator. We will assist you in handing over all the mandatory documentation to ACAA.

Technical Consultancy

Selection of your drone

Each business case needs specific solutions and the appropriate technology. This is applicable to the selection of the drone for your operations

Albadron will assist you in identifying the right solution for your project. 

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