Flying your Drone in Albania

Some information for all the UAS operators interested to use the drone in Albania

Yes. Since 2022, Albanian Civil Aviation Authority has published two essential regulations on UAS.

The “Regulation about UAS and UAS Operators” was issued on June 6th 2022, with the order Nr. 114, which reflects almost 1:1 the EU regulation 2019/945


The “Regulation about the Rules and Procedures for the Operation of UAS” was issued on July 18th 2022, with the order Nr. 143, which reflects almost 1:1 the EU regulation 2019/947.

These regulations are only in Albanian, but since they are almost the same as the two EU regulations mentioned above, you should have been familiarised with the requirements already.

According to the regulations, UAS operators from other countries can fly with their RP Certificates. For pilots from the EU and other countries with whom the ACAA has a multi or bilateral agreement, it still needs to be clarified how the valid RP Certificate for the Open Category A1/A3 and A2 will be recognised. There are no procedures for the “Specific and Certified Category”. Nevertheless, contacting the ACAA before travelling to Albania is worth it. Further, it would help if you respect the rules and regulations valid in your country of origin.

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The National Aviation Authority in Albania is Albanian Civil Aviation Authority. You can find more in information on their webpage

For questions related to your operation with the drone you can contact this address: [email protected]

There is no specific NAA app or platform about Albania’s flight zones.The only indicative and informative platform is the following, developed by Albadron can register to the platform and get more visibility about where to fly and not.

Do I need to insure my drone when flying in Albania?

Although the regulation considers the insurance for your drone’s operation, visitors are not required to do so. There is no insurance company in Albania offering coverage for your drones. Operators registered in one of the EU countries, incl. Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and the UK should ask their insurance companies if they include and cover the risks when flying in Albania. The same should also do all the drone operators coming from Non-EU countries.

For more information, this EASA page can orient you:

Can I rent a drone in Albania? What about repairing my drone?

There are few companies in Albania offering rental and repair services. One of the most reliable is Drone Lab They offer also spare parts.

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