Albadron cooperates with selected partners as part of its portfolio.

Among them are drone and application suppliers from the EU as well as experts from the field of consultancy and training

Albanian Fire Protection and Rescue Association AFPRA is a non-profit organization established by Decision no. 6638 dated 18.02.2021 of the Tirana District Court with the desire, will and dedication of an initiative group aiming to extend throughout its territory its professional capacities in the field of FPR (Fire Protection and Rescue). Our independence is essential to our credibility as a centre of knowledge. We do not pursue political interests, individual or not, in the function of the purpose for which we were created. AFPRA is a member of CFPA EUROPE (Confederation of European Fire Protection Associations).


Vectorbirds is a German supplier of UAS platforms for specific purposes, such as inspections for security organisations and the military.  

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Vector Robotics. An Italian pioneer in the sector of UAS. Our new partner will assist our solutions for the Albanian market with sophisticated and state-of-the-art technologies. 

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UgCS is an expert in developing mission planning applications for different purposes. 

Albadron, as a UgCS reseller, assists UAS operators in Albania in facilitating the missions and operations such as mapping, inspections, measurements, photogrammetry and many other use cases.

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EuroUSC Italia is a consultancy company providing services in the drone market and aviation domain.
The company can support Manufacturers, Operators, Insurance companies and Authorities. EuroUSC Italia is also a member of the Board of Directors of UVS-International, the leading world association of drone operators and manufacturers.

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Dedrone is a high-tech corporation focusing on DAA (Detect And Avoid), offering sophisticated defence against the intrusion of drones in strategic areas or at your business.

Dedrone protects organizations from malicious drones using advanced hardware and software technology to secure airspace.

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French leader in anti-drone solutions and drone detection systems

Since 2015, CERBAIR has been pioneering the emerging anti-drone industry. By constantly refining our solutions in close relationships with high-demanding operators, CERBAIR provides field-proven solutions known for their reliability, flexibility and affordability. CERBAIR manufactures its solutions in France and closely works with all major French institutions.

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Aircademiy is an expert in the training business for the aviation industry. With very high standards, Aircademy belongs to the best companies offering high-quality training modules for UAS platforms.

Albadron, in cooperation with Aircademy, is preparing the training programme for UAS operators in Albania in compliance with the new Regulations on drones. We offer consultancy and training to private businesses as well as to gov institutions.

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The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (CMRS) is a national, voluntary, professional, humanitarian and non-partisan association working in the public interest. It is dedicated to preventing accidents and providing rescue and first aid services in the mountains and other hardly accessible or inaccessible areas and in extraordinary circumstances requiring unique know-how and equipment for preserving human, material and environmental resources.

The CMRS is a non-profit association that performs services of national interest. There are 25 mountain rescue teams across the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia.

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